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Recovering Women Riders

Potential members are persons who are being considered as new members of our Association. You do not have to ride a specific brand of motorcycle or follow a specific 12-step program to be a member.
Protocol requires that you present yourself as a potential member to the membership of your local chapter. Sometimes, a person is approached by one of our members, told about us, and invited to a meeting.
If you would like to be considered for membership, you can request information via one of the methods listed below. We will contact the chapter nearest you, (or the chapter you prefer), and they in turn will make contact with you.

Full patch membership requirements: Licensed female rider who is actively involved in recovery from alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Own, lease, or legally posses and operate a motorcycle of 500cc or larger. Be able to attend chapter meetings and runs.
To Inquire about membership,
click here for Membership Requested Information
- or - go to the Online Information Form